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Make your large premises

Easy to navigate

Let your guests find their way to the desired
object in your premises fast and easy. All you need is
a powerful Indoor Navigation system installed in
your premises.

What is Indoor Navigation?

Navigation has become a part of our everyday
life, we use it wherever we go: while travelling
or business trip
or just walking around. But
from time to time each of us feels a lack of
assistance with navigation after entering
a premises too:
trying to find a
car in a parking
attending a museum
looking for the exhibit
wandering in an
airport finding a
registration desk
or ATM
at a conference
looking for the most
interesting stands
roaming in a shopping mall trying to find necessary shop or department
looking for a
particular office in
a large business

Sounds familiar?

Indoor Navigation is the exact
solution in such situations
For starting a navigation all the visitor needs is
a smartphone
Indoor navigation systems use techniques
different from those used in outdoor navigations
systems like GPS for the purpose of finding a
route to an object in a premises. Today numerous
types of indoor navigation systems are available.
We at Uplanet provide a unique Platform that
allows quickly build systems of high-precision
Indoor Navigation with iBeacons using a
mobile application.

How it works?

The technical solution is based on using of
iBeacons and a unique internally developed
mathematical algorithm. The Platform is a
combination of an engine and a set of tools
The server side of the Platform is responsible
for managing plans of premises.

Its main functionality:

Searching and adding new data
Searching and
adding new data
Creating graphical plans for navigation
Creating graphical
plans for navigation

On the basis of the Platform
following systems can be
quickly created and deployed:

Interactive Guide-Navigator for Museums
for Museums
Interactive Guide-Navigator for Expo Centers
for Expo Centers
Navigator for Shopping Malls
for Shopping
Navigator for Warehouses
Solved problems

The problem solved by
the Platform

is analogous to the problem solved by
already familiar to us GPS navigators,
to determinea location (in our case, in premises)
to finda route to the desired object
to getan information about POI
(sights or "points of interest").

Why choose us?

The Platform we have created provides the highest positioning accuracy - 0.5 - 1 meter. That is what makes it possible for guests to determine their precise and accurate location.The Platform has a built-in possibility of integration with third-party systems, such as an
electronic queue or corporate CRM. This nonvolatile and secure solution requires no modification of premises.
Why choose us?


For the owner

(owner of the system/premises):
  1. Access to marketing information, possibility of sending personalized offers/messages to visitors
  2. Analytical information about customers behaviour (where they spend more/less time, most popular objects)
  3. Logistical information, such as movement of visitors, goods and equipment
  4. Upgrade the status of its premises by introducing modern technologies and get additional revenue indirectly
  5. Possibility of using additional advertising spots in the application
  6. Renting of devices (tablets) with a pre-installed system
  7. Generate leads & build up relationships with your customers
  8. Reduce workloads at information desks

For the visitor

(user of the system):
  1. Navigation inside the premises
  2. Making the route to the object found in the database or on the scheme
  3. Getting the quickest route to a desired object
  4. Information or notifications about the object which the user is passing by
  5. Text search for objects in the application database
  6. Receiving detailed multimedia information about facilities and objects
  7. Minimize waiting time at an information desk
  8. Total saved time

What premises the Platform can be implemented in?

Expo Centers
Expo Centers
Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls
Business Centers
Business Centers

Who uses the Platform today?

Regional Lore Museum,
Kozak Palace
Zaporizhzha, Ukraine
The Museum of
Textile Industry in
Whenever indoor navigation technologies attract
your attention and you would like to implement a
positioning system in your premises or you are
interested in investing in such technologies and
further development with us, we will be happy to
see a message from you!
Let’s get it navigated!
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