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Live Streaming

Case Studies

broadcasting of events

Speeches, conferences, presentations

Online conferencing/meeting applications, audio/video communicating

collaboration tools with screen sharing, teaching sessions, webinars, etc

Gaming and
multimedia streaming

TV broadcasting
and Social TV


  • Audio/Video streaming in real-time (broadcasting)
  • Collaboration in shared Audio/Video rooms
  • Real-time transcoding of media streams
  • Screen capturing/sharing
  • Media stream recording and converting
  • Any media recording can be stored, uploaded to cloud or any online service
  • Text chat integration
  • Statistic

Uplanet is ready to help
you to implement your own
streaming solution

We can offer a combined solution based on web and mobile applications that will run in a cloud, easily scalable infrastructure.
Available on the
desktop and mobile
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Tech stack

  • WebRTC
  • WebSockets
  • iOS/Android
  • Janus
  • RTP forward
  • FFmpeg
  • GStreamer
  • RTMP/HLS streaming
  • Browsers WebRTC API's
  • HTML5 Audio/Video API's
  • Node.js
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